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〜 “Teaはディナー?!”こんなに違うスコットランド語 〜





Hello! How are you?

Welcome back

today I’m gonna talk about Scottish words.

Scottish words,

the pronunciation of Scottish words is a lot different

From English words as well as the meaning sometimes

So today let’s talk about some words with the pronounciation

Being a little bit different

English words are English

I think Scottish words have their own words, their own meanings.

So let’s just have a look at some Scottish words today.

Here we go ok?

This word it says “Braw”.

“Braw” in Scottish means “Beautiful”

Or “Nice”

So we say “Braw!”

“It’s a braw day” means “It’s a nice day”

Another one

For food this one.


When people are hungry

In the evening

We go to the chippy

Which is a fish and chips’ shop

And they can buy take away fish,

And take away chips.

It’s a traditional meal in the whole of the UK

But we call that “Chippy”

Not so bad food as well by the way.

This one,

“A dinnae ken”

“A dinnae ken”, “Dinnae” means “don’t”

“Ken” means “know”

So it mean “I don’t know”

For example,

“What time is it?”

“Oh, A dinnae ken”

Just means “I don’t know”

It’s a quite useful expression in Scotland.

Scottish people use this word.

English people would not.

Maybe ye don’t know the meaning of this word probably

But Scottish people do.


“I’m gonna get the messages” means

”I’m going to the super market

To pick up some groceries the food”.

So, You might say…

“Messages” is like a list of items you have to buy

But in Scotland they say “messages”

Because A lot of people forget what they wanna buy

So they take a message list.

So we call the food items “the messages”

So when you go to the super market

You might say this word.

“I’m gonna get messages”

It’s a good one too.


Most people relate tea to actually

Just a cup of tea, English tea, milk and sugar.

But “Tea” in Scotland

Has another meaning too

As well as tea to drink

It means “your food”, ”your dinner”

So if my mum says to me

“Do you want your tea?”

It means “do you want your dinner?”

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

You get a drink.

But if “Do you want your tea?”

They are asking you to get your dinner.

So “Tea” means dinner as well.

This one is kind of funny actually.

You know…

“Geez a slug”

When you see your friend’s drinking some juice

And you might wanna wee drink,

You might say

“Geez a slug!”

And they pass you the bottle

and you take a quick slug

Which means a quick drink

Of the juice

Juice is a fizzy drink by the way in Scotland too.

We call it “fizzy drinks”


I’ve said this before

“Cheerio” basically means

“Good bye”, “See you again”

“Cheerio” “I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Cheerio” “Good bye”



Thank you!

Bye bye!

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